Saturday, July 26, 2008

North Dakota State Fair

Who would have thought that the North Dakota State Fair was held in Minot!?! On Monday, we attended their Military Day at the fair and it was quite nice. For 3 hours they opened all rides for free to military members and their families. Here are a couple of pictures of Josiah, he really enjoyed the rides.This is Josiah riding his first roller coaster! He absolutely LOVED it. I was a little nervous at first but with the first smile as the roller coaster came around, I calmed down and stopped worrying.
Another unusual thing was Josiah got to ride a camel. Yes a camel! Once again he had a blast experiencing this highly unusual animal.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joys of Moving

As many of you know, in the military when you have to move, the government is responsible for having your personal items moved. Well sometimes everything goes really well with a move and others, well I will let the picture speak for itself...Packed in this box, were computer parts and glass canisters. Everything seemed to survive, except the speaker cable for the computer. We have other items ie. the crock pot that is in more pieces than I thought possible or the mysterious white paint and rips in my couch! How the movers do these things we will never know, however we do know that it is still easier to let them do the work and just deal with the drama after the mess.
Well a few weeks ago we visited the International Peace Garden. We took a minute to explain to Josiah all the different places that he has lived. It went something like this...You were born, here in Tampa, FL...
Then two short weeks later you moved to Pensacola, FL...
Then for a short four months you lived here in San Antonio, TX...
Then you moved again to Bossier City, LA...
Finally just before your 3rd birthday we moved again, this time to Minot, ND! Let's see how long we get to stay here, before we add another state to your list.

Our Little Lightning McQueen!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking A Look Back

Here is a little trip down memory lane...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Few More Pictures

Josiah's Super Galactic 3rd Birthday!

We had a very successful party with our wonderful friends here in North Dakota. We even had some friends of Josiah (military life has precluded any such friends). Here are some pictures from the day.