Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Job and Joy

Our OCF group has decided to study Job and I couldn't be more excited!

So last night I jumped right in and began reading the book again.  I just love the story of Job.  I think its the amount of PURE faith that he has and its refreshing.

So I have made it a goal to try and find joy and to thank God in my trials.  Well wouldn't you know that the trials start coming right away.

I was flying solo tonight for dinner and Awanas because Joe was mission planning for tomorrow's flight.  I try my best to keep our schedule whether Joe is with us or not.  So we headed in town for dinner and after I drop Josiah off at church and he has Awanas.  While he was there Makayla and I went to have the oil changed and of course there is something wrong with our car.  I feel like every time I go to have the oil changed that is something additional.  Well you all know the feeling, right?  So I immediately start to stress because that is always the first step, right?  Then I ask the all important question, "Is that covered under our warranty?"  Thankful they believe that it is so tomorrow Joe will be calling Ford.

But as I got in the car and of course called Joe to share this fantastic news, Job popped into my head.  I was not feeling like finding any joy at this point, instead I pulled into Starbucks and ordered a coffee.  While waiting for my coffee I just keep asking God to help me find the joy.  In this moment I learned a valuable lesson.  Sometimes you do not see the joy in what you feel the problem is but in something total unrelated.  When the young lady handed me my coffee, she paused and told me that she wasn't positive that it was decaf.  Instead of just letting me leave, she re-made my coffee and then handed me a certificate for another free coffee.

So, I might not have joy right now in my car needing fix but I sure do feel blessed to have a free cup of coffee :) 

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