Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Endurance is my prayer for this week.

On Sunday just before midnight some friends called because their 2 month was being admitted to the hospital.  Oh, how we have been through our share of high fevers and unknown illness with our children.  So of course we said we would watch their 3 yr old.  I mean he is like one of Josiah's brothers.
I feel very blessed to have the means to help out friends who have actually become more like family.  Yesterday evening I got to spend a little time sitting with Elizabeth while John and Alicia took their son to get some dinner.  I was able to hold her and feed her and just love on her.  You forget as your children get bigger and older how dependent on you they were as small babes.  I just tried to imagine God cradling her and whispering that everything is going to be just right.  

I actually came home from the hospital feeling a little rejuvenated, tired still but feeling God's over whelming love nonetheless!
But this morning I just talked to Alicia and they are STILL waiting for the 24 hour blood cultures.  36+ hours after they were taken!  So I am not only praying for endurance for me with these rambunctious boys but for John and Alicia as they wait.  Waiting is never an easy game. 


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Emily said...

That has got to be so hard waiting. I'm praying for them.