Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As I type this I'm sitting in my closet because we are under a tornado warning.  I thought to myself what better to do than update my blog :)

Well the last couple of weeks have been VERY busy!  The kids and I are doing our usual everyday stuff which keeps us on a tight schedule.  In addition I have been working on Wednesday evenings behind the welcome desk in our Children's Ministry.  I LOVE IT!!!  I work with some amazing women back there.

The kids are doing very well.  Josiah finally got 5 punches on his bear at school!  This is very exciting we have not had all 5 since before Christmas.  He is doing amazing with his reading and was even moved up to the next reading group.  He is doing well in Taekwondo.  Yesterday he was the first in his Tiny Tiger class to receive a stripe on his orange belt.  I am very proud of how focused he gets doing his Taekwondo.  He reminds me of the times I got to watch Joe when he was taking class back in Tampa.  I guess the saying "Like Father Like Son" is very true for my two.

Makayla is a very busy little lady!  She loves to pretend whether its with her kitchen, babydoll or her makeup, she is very serious about it.  She LOVES to color and will sit for hours coloring.  Recently I have allowed the playdough to come out from hiding in the closet and she loves to make "snakes."

Joe is very busy getting all of his stuff in order and currently is training up in New Jersey.  Its a bit of a bummer that he is away but I pray he is fully ready for his next endeavor. 

Well my tornado warning has been lifted and I'm moving out of my closet.  Have a great Wednesday!

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