Friday, May 6, 2011

Murphy's Law

I had such high hopes for a nice relaxing evening with the kids.  Picture this the kids and I watching a movie and eating pizza.  Sounds nice, right?

Well here is how the afternoon went...Josiah was getting in the car from school when one of the teachers informed me that, "He might have small rock in his ear.  Have a great weekend." (Then she closed the door.)  Wait what did she say?

Yep, you read that right! Josiah apparently was playing with a small rock, he was pretending it was a "phone" and putting it up to his ear.  Well at some point he put it in his ear.  Then FREAKED!  One of the teachers tried to help him get it out but they weren't certain it was out.

So I did what any other mother would do and tried to call the dr for an appointment.  Of course it was 3:30 on Friday afternoon so there were NO appointments available, there suggestion was go to the ER.  Those words are a nightmare for a tired mother.  Thankfully one (ok actually many) of our friends here are doctors.  Thank you Lord!!!

So I called and Brandon was able to see Josiah.  After lots of looking Brandon determined that the rock was not in his ear.  However there was one in there at some point.  Brandon cleaned Josiah's ear with some saline and triple checked.
Moral of the not put rocks in your ear!

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