Monday, November 16, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Today is one of those days that I hate :( We are saying goodbye to some of our dear friends here in Minot. The Friesz family is moving back down to Barksdale.

Adam and Joe have been on the same paths in the Air Force and we have been stationed in all the same places until now. Adam is going back down south to another squadron. Minot is losing a great family and Barksdale is gaining one!

In our time here we shared a backyard with Katie and Adam, both had babies (Katie's 1st), Adam's deployment, birthdays, good days, bad days and we have share many other things.

Mostly we have enjoyed having someone else to talk to besides our children!

(Sadly Adam missed this fun! But Nate did not.)

Joe checking on the kiddos!

We have learned in the Air Force that you can love it, hate it but all in all its up to you. So here is when we decided not to let Minot rain on our parade.

However our children sure do enjoy each others company as well.


And they're really going to miss each other.

So for now we say goodbye see you soon! We are really going to miss you!

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