Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lots and Lots of Numbers!


These days numbers are really important to me.  Temperatures outside, number of days until we move, length of deployment, number of times we have moved.  All of these things have been running through my mind lately.  Some nights I even dream in numbers!
Well the temperatures this week have been less than desirable around here.  It was quite cold again with snow flurries for 2 days.  But that seems to be moving out of here and making way for a very pleasant week.  On Tuesday we may even have temps in the low 60s which is something to celebrate!

66 is the current count of days that we have left here in Minot.  Its very overwhelming when you look at it that way.  I/We have 66 days to get lots of inspections done and schedule movers and finish cleaning things out and organizing what we are moving in a 5x8 trailer, packing for 4 people and 1 dog, planning our 10 day drive passing through 8 states, staying 2 days at Mt Rushmore, 2 days in Louisiana, eating roughly 30+ meals in restaurants, all while listening to our 2 children!  As well as finding house, school, new church and friends all 2000 miles away.  At times it is very overwhelming but I am trying to step back and thank God for all that He has already provided instead of dwell on what is left.
6 months...this is weighing very heavy on my heart right now.  This is the length of time our squadron will deploy.  I know that deployments happen all the time and I know that our spouses here will pick themselves up and do just fine.  However my heart is still hurting as I watch the process unfold again but this time I also have to say goodbye to the STRONG ladies.

Lately Joe and I have had to rehash all the places we have lived.  In our married life together we have had 9 different addresses in just 7.5 years!  In just a couple of weeks we will be making that number 10!

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