Monday, March 22, 2010


Do you know any woman who does not love shoes?
  Well this one does!  I have an unhealthy love for shoes but living up here in the frozen tundra has slowed my ability to purchase new fabulous shoes.  Mainly because you can't wear them for 6-8 months.

All of that has changed in the last two weeks!
In a couple of weeks I will share with you my shoes I purchased during my trip to Fargo.  (Because Joe hasn't given them to me yet.  Seeing as my birthday isn't for a couple more weeks so I wait!)

This past weekend I had a lot of fun hunting down some pink Converse for me and also some for Makayla.  Because as you know if they look great for me, they will look 1000 times better on little Makayla.
 See what I mean?

Of course we didn't forget Josiah!  He got his Converse back at the beginning of the school year.  And they are like new because he won't wear them in the snow!
Daddy also has some Converse but we did not get any pictures of his.
Now I couldn't resist putting Makayla in her tutu, Converse and her princess crown.  I only wish my camera had not died before I could get all the pictures I wanted.  Here is what I got and we will be trying for more very soon!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

So cute! I love the pink converse with the tutu!

Emily said...

LOVE them! I have some Chucks in navy and wear them constantly. I want to get Melody some purple ones.

darcie said...

A. DORABLE!!! I'm a born & bred North Dakota gal myself...movd all the way to Minnesota....but it IS warmer here...soon you'll be able to get some pics of that little tutu butt in the green grass!

Paige said...

LOVE the pink converse. Fin has some SpARKLY ones and she LOVES THEM!