Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I would really like to be posting something more positive but my heart is hurting!  And I am trying my best to "Praise Him in the Storm."

In the last few days I have received bad news but also good news.  On Friday night I received an email for a precious friend telling me that her Grandmother went home to be with Jesus.  On Saturday morning I received a message that a friend's mother went home to be with Jesus.  Then Saturday night I received a call telling me that a friend/co-worker of Joe's was not doing well and he probably only had a couple of days.  Well today I got the call that he went home to be with Jesus.

So I feel very torn to have a hurting heart when I know they are not suffering anymore.  But I am finding it hard not to.  I think of all those left behind and some of the struggles they have to endure in the coming days and weeks.

Martha- I am so thankful for your Grandmother!  She raised your Dad to love my Jesus and your parents raised you to love Jesus.  And you have been a sister to me and I am thankful for you!

Josh-Your mother was an amazing Jesus loving woman!  She's touched more lives than you can even imagine.  She was a very special lady to my little sister.  I know she can be proud of you.

Laura and Landon-It has been a blessing to me to watch yours and Eric testimony of God's love even through Eric's battle with cancer.  I remember when you all shared the news and how devasting it seemed.  But through Eric's entire battle you never blamed God and that has spoken louder than you will ever imagine.

So for now I will just meditate on the words in the Casting Crown song...