Monday, May 25, 2009


WE HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!! It was really nice to have a full (even extended weekend) together as a family.

We did sooo much and yet it was just enough down in Fargo. First we aet at Chili's and boy was it good! Then we stayed at our "Cozy Cone" (hotel) which is like our little secret there. It just opened in March and we love the newness. The people there are really nice and it is really kid-friendly, big bonus! We also got to do a TON of shopping and we ate at Moe's! You really have no idea how much you will miss a restaurant until you have to drive 4.5 hours just to eat there.

On our little excursion we took Makayla swimming for the first time...she LOVED it! I thought she would get upset with the cold water but it was quite the opposite! Joe thinks she only enjoyed it because she was chewing on her raft. But who cares what he thinks ;)


Emily said...

Rafts apparently make a good snack! Wow...just hearing about your trip made me appreciate my big-city life! Glad y'all had a fun family getaway!

Torri said...

She is so cute! Can't wait to take Zane and Cruz to the beach this summer! Nice blog!!