Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think I have been WRONG...

I like most people would not like to admit that I have been wrong. But here we go!

I used to (as in this morning) think that being a military wife was the toughest job. However I was WRONG. I retract the statement!

My almost 4 yr old showed me this morning that military kids have the TOUGHEST job. This morning we dropped Joe at the squadron for his flight today, we often do this so we have the car (yes, we are a one car family!) and we never know if he may be diverted for weather. So I thought nothing of dropping him this morning until Josiah turned on the water works. Josiah was so upset that he couldn't even talk when Joe kissed him good-bye! On the drive home all he kept saying was "I miss Daddy and lets go pick him up." This particular flight Joe wouldn't be home until the early morning hours. So Josiah will miss there evening time together.

Talk about ripping your heart out! Things have been EXTREMELY crazy around here since we returned from Florida. Joe has been working 80 hours a week! The first 12 days we were back he worked everyone of them and some he didn't even come home. (But joining the military is God's will for us and I am not looking for sympathy.) So I can understand the meltdown that Josiah had this morning. I had a similar one not too long ago! (there is some honesty for you.) The really hard part for me is that this particular flight is nothing unusual, its just standard. Which means that Josiah must really be missing his daddy time.

But I also know that we are not the only family that deals with this, so I write this asking everyone to pray for the children of military families.


Kelli said...

We aren't a military family, but I know how you feel. My hubby's job is extra busy during the spring and fall....and he will work for a month straight and maybe get one day off!! I hate when he has to work that is hard for me and the kids too!!

Audra Lynn said...

I'm sure I'll get to experience plenty of this soon enough. John deploys in...counting....11 days. :(

P.S. Glad you back in blogland!

Emily said...

I think it's military families that have the toughest job! When my husband was in stocks, he would work some crazy hours (in my opinion!) but not as crazy as what you're describing. Now that he's around more often, it's easy to take our time together for granted...military families truly know the value and importance of quality time.

Ehrenfelds said...

I will be thinking of you. Enjoy the last few days together :) I know they are bitter sweet! Let me know if you need to vent and I will be there to listen :) Miss you all

Emily & Kelli
Thanks for the kind words :)

Krystyn said...

Oh, I can't even imagine. My daughter cries when hubby leaves in the morning for work.