Monday, May 18, 2009


Not really sure that you could call the weather we are having summer, yet. However we are possibly having some spring like weather. I know its the middle of May but for some reason it just doesn't want to get warm here. Please send warm thoughts!

This past weekend we went to the zoo for the first time this year!!!
Its was really fun even though it was a bit chilly. The zoo was hosting Zoo Follies which is the kick-off to the summer and also a military appreciation day. There were games and those jumpy castles and good fun all around. Josiah was on the local news playing some of the games, (check him out... he is wearing his hood up so its hard to see his face. Also most of the volunteers are from Joe's squadron, atta boys! We were only able to spend a short time there but we had a great time!In other news our squadron is under its annual nuke inspection which meant that most had to work last weekend. YUCK!!! (Lately that is nothing new for us.) However we are looking forward to a really LONG break this weekend. We have planned a very low key get-a-way down to Bismarck with the kiddos. We are going to check out the zoo down there as well as enjoy some yummy food from restaurants we are LACKING here. Then we are heading home (don't get confused we are coming back to Minot) for BBQs galore :)

Now for some EXCITING news as of Wednesday May 20th we will now refer to Joe as Captain Ehrenfeld!!! Yes, its true Joe is promoting this week and we are sooo proud! He works very hard and deserves it and soooo much more. So Congratulations Captain ;)
Bye-bye Lieutenant and Hello Captain!!!


Kelli said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love the picture with the sunglasses...SUPER cute! Congrats on the promotion!

Dressed-Up Dots said...

Yay Joe!! Congrats to ALL of yall!