Thursday, June 25, 2009


I know we have been neglecting our blog sorry :(

We learned during this last winter that when the weather is nice here in Minot, that you GET OUTSIDE and ENJOY IT!!! So that is where we have been.

Summer is definitely here! Our temperatures have hit above 90 twice this week, we just might see over 100 this summer. Yes, it happens all the time here!

So here is what we've been busy doing...As we have told you before we are moving across base to new housing. So where we currently are living will be torn down so that means that you can relocate things. And no this is not stealing, its relocating! (ie. decks & pavers) This past weekend we ventured out with our neighbors and relocated 107 pavers for us and 100 pavers for them. This was no easy task but in the long run its well worth it!

We are hoping to get the word soon to move so that we can lay our patio before winter hits!


Emily said...

That cool how you can "relocate" things! Hope you get the go-ahead soon and enjoy your summer!

Krystyn said... pavers! But 100s? Yikes.