Sunday, June 14, 2009


After the weekend that we have had around this house we are definitely THANKFUL for Monday!

A brief overview...Things started about 4:30 Friday afternoon when I noticed Makayla pulling on her ear. This might not seem like anything big to you if your kiddos have never had ear infections. However in this house ITS a really BIG deal! So of course I called the Dr. just to check and make sure that there were NO appointments left. And I was right. So they referred us to the Nurse Advice line here in Minot. Well long story short they sent us on to the ER. Tell you more about that in the next post! But we left there a couple of hours later with some antibiotics and hopes that she would feel better soon.

So 48 hours later I loaded Makayla back up in the car with a temp of 102.2 and we went back to the ER. They were AWESOME and had us right in, we saw a fantastic Dr. and she started Makayla on a different antibiotic and even had it filled there (bc all the pharmacies were already closed!).

So after two visits to the ER in 48 hours I am actually looking forward to MONDAY!!! Bring it on.

In a side note I will post some pictures of our newest arrival to the family soon. Please check back :)

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Emily said...

Ugh. Ear infections are the worst. My oldest son and daughter had one last week and Charlie has a sinus infection too! It was close to impossible keeping their antibiotics straight! Hope she's feeling better!