Saturday, June 6, 2009

Waco...Flight Suit Party...Stomp

Yesterday, Joe got his call sign; "Waco" in Waco, TX. This is kind of a big deal in a flying squadron, as it is a long standing tradition for guys to be dubbed something for BUFFoonery in the jet or on the ground or just some strange attribute that stands out. Most of you who know Joe, know that he is not real eccentric and isn't much of a party animal, and as of yet has not made any crazy mistakes while flying. But what has stood out is his "ultra conservatism." Between his Ann Coulter book left on the jet and wearing his NRA patch, his squadron mates thought it appropriate to twist it just a little as - the crazy with his guns. So cheers to Capt Joseph "Waco" Ehrenfeld.
As you can see, I got to have a little fun last night as well. The spouses partook in another Air Force tradition known as the flight suit party. (A tradition that dates back to post WWI!) This one was particularly fun since it was a mock "roll call" for everyone (something the guys do every Friday to close out the week of "combat" and let off some steam). Which consisted of things like new business, stories from the week and a little addition, because we were there, a fashion show. It really was fun being able to experience a little of what Waco and the other guys do every Friday afternoon.
To close out the evening... another Air Force tradition. A "Roof Stomp" of the base commanders house. Yes folks you read correctly, a roof stomp. This signifies a job well done by the commanders people, in return the people then demand food and drinks and a place to enjoy such! In our case it was to celebrate the end of a GREAT inspection and the start of a new time here in Minot. So as roll call ended we all drove down the street and all the guys along with a couple of spouses, climbed on the roof and stomped! This was greeted by our commander and his wife opening their home for us!


Emily said...

How cool! Looks like y'all had a really fun night. What a great tradition and congrats on getting a call sign. Totally "Top Gun" worthy!

Audra Lynn said...

Not sure which is my favorite, your flight suit or the matching bag!

Dressed-Up Dots said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Torri said...

So glad you had fun! Love the flt. suit! At least Joe could function after his naming, the spouses weren't allowed during the call sign naming when Sean was rited and he could barely get onto the roof for the roof stomp! These flyers are pretty wild sometimes! Congrats to Waco! Tell him Ghillie says hi!

Peter said...

Your are the second Ehrenfeld to be a pilot. I was a Marine A-4 pilot in the Vietnam War. I'm from Minot. I worked my way through college installing the runway light at the base and working in the old SAGE building. I survived 18 years in ND. I now live in MT, not much better. My father was a Dr. in Minot. His good friend, a General at the base, got him on board a B52 in the early 60's, for a ride. Thanks for serving our country. Peter Erenfeld, orignally Ehrenfeld