Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Official

We have our first snow that has stuck around! Yes, I did check the date and it is October 14th! Sadly, I did break out the snow shovel this morning to clear the driveway. Only for it to start snowing again. Oh, the irony!

We got about a half inch last night and we are expecting another half inch today and tonight. Who know how much we will actually get before this storm passes!

I guess I will go on with some brighter news in just 14 days we will be leaving the frozen tundra for much warmer weather. We are heading down to Florida to spend a week at Disney. While we are there we will be celebrating Makayla's 1st Birthday as well as our 7th wedding anniversary! 

One more thing, Joe comes home Friday night! YAY!!! We are getting very excited not just me, who is now really tired of being both Mom and Dad but also Josiah and Makayla. Josiah is sooo excited he just wants to go to bed and make Friday come sooner. Makayla is becoming a little walker and I can't wait to see her walk to Daddy Friday.

Ok, seriously last thing...check out these pictures I just found of Josiah and Libby. We were soooo cute!



Krystyn said...

Yay for Joe coming home.

And, yay for getting away from the snow!

Emily said...

Awe! Happy birthday to your sweet girl and happy anniversary.
I can't believe it snowed...and here I'm hoping for cooler weather to have an excuse to wear long sleeves!