Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mask or No Mask?

So I ask you, mask or no mask? Are you scratching your head, yet?

Tonight in OCF we started our new study, TrueFaced. Hope you are intrigued because I am and so far I am loving this study. Go here to listen to a clip.

So I ask again are you ready to take off your mask and join me on my journey in the "Room of Grace"?

For the next eight weeks me and my fellow OCFers will be venturing into a new place, one where most have not journeyed. This we pray will open our group up to be sensitive and real when we are hurting and not mask our pain because its the thing to do.

I ask that you please pray for us as we are attempting new things: we have changed locations, changed our format and we are adding new people every week. God is so faithful and we are seeing that here in Minot.

Please take a minute or 45 if you listen to the whole message, its really worth it. And I ask again mask or no mask?

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