Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WordFUL Wednesday-Official yet still very Unofficial!

So Monday afternoon Joe came home saying something about good news and bad news. To a tired mom that sounds a lot like blah, blah, blah. 

I collected myself and said what are you talking about?

Which he proceeded to say, "we need to buy some stock in Coppertone." Once again, huh? Then all of a sudden it hit me...WE ARE MOVING TO FLORIDA!

To catch you all up, this process started about 2 months ago. Joe found out that we were coming up on the VML (vulnerable to move list) so we need to make a preference list and turn it in the next day to his boss. And so we made our list 1) Eglin AFB, Ft Walton Beach, 2) Naval Air Station Pensacola, 3) Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. After he submitted our list, we were told not to expect to hear anything until about the end of the year. So we filed everything away in the not currently important file in our brains.

So you can only imagine our SHOCK when we were told we should be expecting to move at the end of May 2010. Now for some bad news...looks like it might not be a flying job as of right now. So please join us in prayer for it to become a flying job. His commander is currently working to see if this can get changed. But still we know that my God is big and we have put our faith in Him to go before us and make our way.

We are very excited but we also know that this is the military and we are not currently holding orders, so we are still guarding ourselves and our excitement. If this be where God wants us, then bring on the orders and hold on to your hats because they're going to be blown off with excitement!

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Emily said...

Wow. That's so exciting! I'm sure y'all would be happy to get back down to FL and maybe knowing that's coming will help the SD winter go by faster! :) Hope it becomes a flying job...