Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Blizzard 2009

All is white!  Yes, all is white outside. 
The winds have NOT stopped and neither has the snow since Wednesday.

We ALL have cabin fever and I can't even get outside right now to take pictures.  My sister's return flight was canceled yesterday and its not looking good for today.  All the highways and interstates have been closed, as well as the roads on base and in town.  This is by far the worst blizzard we have been through here in Minot.

They reported that we got somewhere around 18" of snow yesterday and an additional 1" or 2" today.  Our street is currently blocked in both directions by snow drifts.

Counting our blessing:
We still have electricity!
We are stocked up on food and necessities!
We have spent countless hours, watching TV, playing games and looking out the windows!
We are all healthy and greatly blessed here!

Hopefully I can post pictures later.


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