Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conversations with Josiah

Lately, Josiah has been even more verbal than usual. So I think I will share some of our conversations.

Last night, he SCREAMED for me to come in his room.  So I came saying, "shhhhhhhh!!! You're going to wake your sister! What do you need?"

J: My flashlight is not working! Fix it.
Me: Ok let me see if there are any batteries. (about 5 min pass) I finally get it to work, so I head back in there.
J: Mommy are my eyeballs working?
Me: (with a complete puzzled look on my face) I think so, why?
J: Oh ok.
Me: Good night.

Then this usual he is talking non-stop. So I decide to ask him about his eyes.

Me: Josiah, how are your eyes working this morning?

I guess everything is okay then.

Then a little while later he says. Mom my eyes are not working.

Me: Huh?
J: I cannot see my face.
Me: I just turn around and carry on with what I am doing!

My Mom and Step-dad will be here tomorrow night so of course I am completely ready for them.  I am not cleaning and giving haircuts and getting the guest bed out of the garage.  Not me I am always on top of things and never let anything fall behind.

So today between cleaning and heading to the dentist, I give Josiah a much over do haircut (like I said I never let things fall behind).  During this he is talking the whole time, he tells me...

J: Mom I want my hair just like Daddy's.
Me: Sure we can do that.
J: Mom I want to be a Captain just like Daddy.
Me: Okay bud when you grow up you can.
J: Well I did grow up, I'm 4.
Me: Maybe when you are a little older and go to college.
J: Oh, ok.  Can I fly a different airplane than Daddy?

As you can see it never stops around here!



Audra Lynn said...

What I want to know is....what kind of airplane DOES he want to fly?

Emily said...

That's funny...Melody has been talking about her eyes not working either!