Monday, April 12, 2010

Lets Celebrate!

This past weekend we celebrated two birthdays around our house.

I celebrated my last birthday on Friday!!!  I enjoyed a day with my best friend here, Lindsay.  Lindsay and I had pedicures, lunch out, some shopping and to round out the day we had a bird fly into the windshield of her car.  Yes, you did read that right a bird busted a hole in the windshield of her car!!! (I will post a picture later if I can get it off my phone.)

Later that night Joe and I went to dinner at the only nice restaurant here in Minot, 10 North Main.  This restaurant is co-owned by Josh Duhamel (guy from Transformers) and it has REALLY good food.  So we enjoyed nice dinner and the went to the hardware store.  I know you might be wondering why I would want to venture into the hardware store on my birthday...we are trying to buy a house in Florida at our next duty station.  So why not look at somethings when you do not have your kids around and you can actually think.

I had a very nice last birthday!  And check out these shoes that Joe got me for my birthday and you can also see the bracelet that Lindsay got me to match!
On Saturday Joe turned another year OLDER!!!  We had lots of fun things planned and some not planned.  Josiah is so sweet that he woke him up with a nice "Happy Birthday Hug" and can we give Daddy his presents now?  So we did! Joe seemed to enjoy them but not nearly as much as the kids and I did!

We then went to lunch and had a nice relaxing day.  We closed out with a YUMMY dinner of filet mignon, sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus.   And no birthday meal is complete without a cake...

I love these pictures of Joe and Josiah!!!  Josiah was so excited to sing "Happy Birthday" to his daddy.  Joe's present from Josiah was the "team Mario" shirt that he is PROUDLY wearing in this picture.  He is such a GREAT Daddy!


Dressed-Up Dots said...

FUN!!!! Love the shoes (tara) and the shirt (joe) and ALL OF YOU!!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I LOVE the shoes! I have a pair that looks similar in I want a red pair too!