Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Yes, I am very aware of the irony here to be thankful for a place that has been awful.  But I know my God put our family here for a reason, one that we may not know right away or even ever for that matter.  As we received our orders this week we (both Joe and I) were reminded of all the things that we will miss here.

As all moves have been bittersweet this one will to be that way.  We are going to miss our friends here because as we have said before they really are more like family to us.  Just the other night I was reminiscing with my mom about our friends all over the world.  I know that I am blessed to have had each one of you in my life.

This will be the first move where Josiah is more aware of leaving friends.  He is already talking about how much he is going to miss them.  This is not easy on a momma!

We are going to miss Mi Mexico, our small little family owned restaurant that knows our kids.  A place that has become a home away from home for us.

We are going to miss our OCF group.  Now I could put this under friends but they are MUCH more than just friends!  These are our brothers and sisters in Christ and without them we would have really struggled here.  Its has been our pleasure to have our bible study meet in our home every Thursday night.  I think our home will feel empty on Thursday when we move.  It will not be the same.  And my prayer is that God continues to grow our group and keep His light shining here in Minot.

Finally we are going to miss the 23d Bomb Squadron, Bomber Barons!  Joe is going to miss flying for a couple of years and I will surely miss my fellow spouses.  We have had lots of fun times with the Barons and they will not be forgotten. 

So this Thankful Thursday is for you Minot!

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Emily said...

Having to move so often would be really hard on me. I love how you look at your experience with such gratitude.