Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh what a day!!!

WOW, I am really glad that today is almost over. We have had a very busy day; daddy stayed home sick, Josiah started Joy School and Makayla is feeling a little under the weather. So basically mommy is REALLY tired!
Josiah had a wonderful first day of Joy School...He played with Lane, learned about the weather and the date, he learned all the rules to safely enjoy school and made a beautiful craft. I am very blessed to witness and to enjoy all the challenges of being one of Josiah's teacher. My neighbor Karie and I have embarked on this journey to help better our children for the future. This is a journey that we learned today will have many ups and downs and truly take more patience then what I feel I possess most days. But all in all I believe Karie and I will be blessed for embarking on this journey before us.
This was our craft today...we shaved crayons and place them between a folded sheet of paper. Then we ironed them inside a brown paper bag. To create this beautiful mosaic!


Lauren said...

That's awesome! What a fun craft!

Audra Lynn said...

That looks like fun! Okay, John's mom got us most of Neely's bows, but the website for the lady they all came from is www.diaperhut.com. Happy shopping!

MMandm said...

You go girl....now I REALLY have to call you and catch up!!!