Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our first homemade Christmas present

So this year Mom came to visit when I had Makayla Grace and we had some ideas about crafts with Josiah. Well while she was here we tried to make the reindeer magnets (see below). However we definitely underestimated a project this INTENSE with a 3 yr old.

We then decided to do some of the REALLY difficult stuff ourselves. I was pretty sure that when Mom left, I was never going to finish these nor would I dream of having Josiah help me. However the day before we were leaving for Florida I had a lapse in my judgment and decided to venture out to finish these with Josiah's help.

So we begin and to my surprise he did an AWESOME job! Believe it or not we had a great time making these. The snowflakes he did on his own. He dotted them with some glitter paint and then glued these little white snowballs to each. On the Santa clips he glued the hats and drew the eyes (which look like dashes). Then for the reindeer he glued the clip to the wreath and the eyes and nose on.

All in all it was a lot of fun! Maybe next year he will be able to do more on his own. Guess you have to check back then!


Meems said...

You have been a busy girl since I was here first. I like the new look. Your little snow woman is so adorable... you must love having a little girl after having a boy. Each so fun and each so different. I have found that children absolutely LOVE doing any kind of craft. You are a good mom to get him started early... He did a great job!

Thanks for coming over to Walk Wisely... I actually have two other blogs... I know ... crazy woman!

I'll be back.

Audra Lynn said...

Nice! I'm impressed with Josiah's crafting skills.