Sunday, January 25, 2009

Picture Tag

Here are the instructions: Go to the place where you store all of your pictures on your computer and open up the 4th folder. Open the 4th picture. Post the picture and give an explanation. Tag 4 people!

This picture is from early December 2008, we purchased the family a GPS for Christmas. Here we're going on a GPS adventure and part of that was photographing our day. Starting with our McDonald's drive-thru where we were getting some breakfast, before we cruise down to Bismarck.

I tag Tiffany, Lauren, Audra and Karie! You're it and I can't wait to see :)


happylittleprince said...

Oh, you little devious girl. There's no telling what is in my folders. YOU know I'm not organized! OKAY, check with me in a minute to see what I found! I miss ya so much!!!

Audra Lynn said...

Done! And I love your photo, by the way. That's awesome.