Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happenings @ 104 Glacier

As you all know we have some very talented children. Josiah has taken a real liking to singing at Joy School so we decided to purchase a small karaoke machine. Josiah has a natural ability to sing and of course dance around. At Joy School we have found that music time is more FUN with microphones so here we go...

I have also been busy working on my friend Katie's baby shower. It was a lot of fun planning and then celebrating the now here baby Nathan Michael. (Born just this morning!) She is a really precious friend and a wonderful neighbor.I want to share with you my first diaper cake! I made this with 100 #1 diapers and some ribbon. Then I doctored it up with some really cute baby toys, butt paste, washcloths and this awesome "Super Baby" Christmas ornament. I am actually pretty proud this was not to difficult but it was a labor of love!
Well then that brings me to Makayla Grace...she has grown and changed so much in the last couple of weeks. (I'm pretty sure that I have said that before but really I mean it!) Now she is able to hold her head up on her own and sit in her Bumbo seat! (Pictures of that will be added soon.) Most recently she has been carrying on conversations with us. She has also mastered melting our hearts with her BEAUTIFUL smile. I am really enjoying all of this however I think its going way to fast for me.

At dinner the other night we were able to capture these precious pictures of Daddy and Makayla Grace. I really love to see little baby hands with her Daddy's hands. God's amazing creation is so prefect. Who could ever deny this?

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Meems said...

LOVE those baby hands in the big Daddy hands! You have two very talented and beautiful children, Tara and Joe!

My hat is off to you for the diaper cake. I knew you were talented but geez... this really takes the cake. :-)

And man, all that snow and big are such a trooper. It must seem like you are in a foreign land since you came from Florida. Wow.
Meems @ Walk Wisely