Monday, February 16, 2009

So much to post!!!

WOW! That is the only thing that comes to mind to express the last week. The week all started with my friend, Karie and I throwing a Valentine's party for some of the neighborhood kiddos. I would love to post some pictures of that, however the only appropriate picture would be of Karie and I PULLING our hair out. We had these great plans to read some stories, do a great craft, decorate cookies and play a couple of games. Well lets just say the craft was awesome but took all of 3 minutes and then the cookies were decorated and EATEN! in about 3 minutes so we have used all of maybe 10 minutes. So that left Karie and I with 5 children and not a lot left for them to do.

However the one thing that both Karie and I took away from this situation was wait until all the children are 5 or older! Secretly I would do it again for those kiddos anytime ;) Here is a picture for the craft that the kids made for their moms.Now on to Makayla...she is quite the little talker. In the past week Makayla has begun talking and communicating not just with Joe and I but also with Josiah. This is very exciting for Josiah, he is so fond of Makayla so now talking to her brightens his day. He not only talks but he sings a beautiful song to her...

Makayla Grace,
has such a lovely face.
If you wait a while,
she'll flash a smile!

The lyrics are courtesy of both mommy and daddy. We now have a family song for both the kids and its really cute to hear Josiah sing to Makayla. Stay tuned for a video of that!

Makayla also is enjoying her tummy time and basically any of her play time. Here is a little glimpse for you:

And some pictures too:

This one is for Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Rik!

Makayla has made her own schedule and it's great!!! (sorry to all of those who are currently not as lucky.) She now sleeps through the night and goes to bed between 1930-2030. So finally I am getting my nights! A full night sleep does wonders for a mom of an infant and a very active 3 1/2 yr old. So THANK YOU Makayla! And THANK YOU LORD!

Now on to Josiah, he is such a wonderfully active little man. Not only does he have an awesome imagination but he is really a joy to teach and talk to. He now has become quite good carrying on conversations. Josiah has a very good self esteem and that was shown when one afternoon he was going out with Daddy and I quote..."Daddy, I'm AWESOME!" Then just a couple of days later we were walking into the squadron and Josiah said, "Daddy you're soo AWESOME!" (BTW this was said in front of some of the guys Joe works with. I think Joe grew about 5 inches taller when Josiah said that!)

So a few of you all have asked how I keep Josiah busy during these LONG winter days. Well I think the more appropriate question is how does Josiah keeps me busy? Last week we had another winter storm, this one did not bring as much snow as the others (what's the count now 50"?); however, it brought days of dangerous winds and serious blowing snow. Translation: we must stay in doors. So we built Radiator Springs! Well at least Josiah's version.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the story...

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