Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anyone feel like this???

I have reached am beyond my limit!  

We have been MIA once again...the good news is we are moved! The bad news is we are still moving small stuff from the old house. You know all the stuff that you dread...stuff from the garage and taking apart the trampoline!

The other bad new is WE STILL DO NOT KNOW ABOUT OUR CAR!!! Ahh, I feel better now. We have called and called again about our car and they are still waiting for the total loss person to make up their mind and email the pictures and paperwork. So once again we are in limbo and are waiting. 

I know that God is in control but I really hate feeling out of control! Anyone out there feel the same? So for now we wait some more and pray they have answer for us today.

Weary and annoyed in North Dakota :(

1 comment:

Emily said...

Augh. That has got to be so frustrating! I hope it gets settled soon and glad y'all go moved!