Thursday, September 3, 2009

My God is BIG!!!

After the morning that we have had, one would think that God was not in control. However, I know differently!

Last night we got the call to move and yes we are moving right away. Just earlier this week housing called us asking some bizarre questions, such as would we be willing to move without reimbursement? Of course our answer was "NO are you CRAZY?" that we were not willing to take on the expense. So last night when the housing office called we were pleasantly surprised ecstatic to hear that we chosen to move before the end of September. Then came the million dollar question...what is our address? They couldn't answer that last night, so needless to say I was worried stressed out beyond belief that they were not going to give us a house big enough.

Then Josiah woke up sick! Yuck not a good start to the day. However, we have been lucky blessed to have neighbors who are a dr. and a pa. So my friend looked at Josiah this morning and told me to get him in for a strep culture. My first thought was really God? but that was quickly put aside with thank you God its not his ears! Well I got him into the dr. and a couple of hours later we met Joe at the housing office with medicine.

So there I was still waiting and still stressed out because they have not given us our address. Then as I am talking with Joe there was a soft gentle voice voice YELLING at me reminding me who is in control. So I took a deep breath and walked into the office. Once in side we saw our address and all I can say is GOD IS GOOD!

We are blessed to be moving into one of the few freestanding houses here on base. Most houses are duplex style which are great but I really didn't want a three story two story anymore. 

So after this crazy stressful day that is not ending anytime soon, I just want to remind everyone to try and look through God's eyes at your present situation. He definitely has a different perspective and its always for our good.

For now we will be very busy around here packing and then next week we are planning the BIG move. Please keep us in your prayers as there is much much more going on but I know that my God is BIG!

Blessings for a safe and family filled holiday weekend!

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Emily said...

wow...that's a lot of excitement going on. At first, I thought that you meant moving states but just a different location where you are already stationed, right? I'm glad you are happy about the move and that you've already gotten the ball rolling with packing. You're right...God is always in control!