Monday, September 21, 2009

Operation Heroes

I have to applaud Minot AFB for "Operation Heroes!" I do not often get excited by or am pleased by much that happens here. However this past Saturday Josiah, Makayla and I attend "Operation Heroes," our Airman and Family Readiness Center hosts a day for kids and families to experience a deployment. Not that we will ever really appreciate all aspects of one but now we can appreciate all the prep that they have to go through.

Here is the basic run through of how the event works...They start with a "recall," thats when you are called from your squadron telling you what time to show and what you need to bring. So Thursday evening Josiah received his recall asking him to report to the base theater at 0950on Saturday with his uniform, dog tags, orders and medical records. And so we did!

 They presented the colors and then we were briefed by our base commander. Immediately following our brief we were bused out to the flight line where they out processed us. This included briefings on the locals where we are deploying to as well as any shots we may need or other medical stuff. Following this we were able to get up close and personal with some really COOL things. Like...


Bomb Squad Equiptment

Really Big Cargo


Play in a Humvee!

Check out a Helo


And of course seeing Daddy's jet!

After all that you would think we were done...but wait there is more. They had the kids decorate a pillowcase or a handkerchief that could be taken on deployment with their loved ones. Here is what Josiah made.  


Finally we were bused to the park here on base where we were greeted with signs and banners saying, "Welcome Home!" 

I think this experience will stick with Josiah for years to come. Especially with Daddy's deployment this Spring as well as his 3 wk trip to Red Flag Alaska next week.

We are very proud of our daddy and what he does!


Danielle said...

That was so cute, and we are thankful to you and your family for what you do for us:)

Audra Lynn said...

Wow. I'm impressed by the artwork.