Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Many have asked and I'm sure many have wondered, how are we keeping track of our days?  In the mornings after breakfast the kids get to take one of these
  There are 400 M&Ms in the jar and its really neat to see the kids choose their color for the day.  Its a "sweet" reminder of Daddy for them to start their day.  It just so happens that Daddy loves M&Ms and so do his little kiddos! 

Secondly, I have a very sweet friend, Brittny, who is another military wife and she made these for the kids. She didn't make just one, she made two because she knows just how important it is to the kids.  On a sad note her family will be moving this summer while their daddy is deployed.  But we are thankful they are only going a few hours away.  And the kids and I are going for a visit!

Every night before bed we take one ring off our chain until daddy is home.

Tonight after Josiah and I said our prayers, he looked at me and said, "those look like smiles."  I love how God helped him turn something that could have been overwhelming into smiles.  I am so thankful!


Brittny said...

They DO look like smiles!!! I love how they see things we don't. Sweet Josiah! They look good hanging up on the walls. It was an honor and a pleasure to make them and I felt blessed the entire time I was working on it, so thank you for letting me! (Even though you didn't know you did!) We love you guys!!!

Waco said...

I love you! The rings look great in their rooms. Great job on the blog.