Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommy or Daddy

Every night I have asked the kids this question...Who would you like to read to you, Mommy or Daddy?

Every night they choose Daddy!  Hands down he is the better choice and here is how.  Hallmark sells these recordable books so before Joe left he made a book for each of the kids.

I LOVE how the kids light up when they get to hear Joe's voice.  Here see for yourself...

This melts my heart every night!  She can't get close enough to her Daddy.

Josiah is trying to figure out how everytime he turns the page, Daddy is reading the correct page.  I think he'll have if figured out soon.

Check out Makayla in action she spotted me too soon...


1 comment:

Waco said...

Maybe they'll let you read in November ;)