Sunday, April 24, 2011

God's Speed

I went to bed dreading the 3 a.m. alarm that would go off.  I tossed and turned most of the night, got up with Makayla and was just tired in general.  But when the alarm sounded we were on our way.  I must say it was a mix bunch of feelings; sadness, relief, anger, fear, love, you name it and I felt all of them in those 30 minutes.

We loaded all the bags and kids in the car and headed to the airport.  There was heavy fog and it seemed like forever as I drove to the airport.  Once inside we waiting for Waco to get all settled with his baggage and then we got the pass for the kids and I to go back with Waco.  I was holding it together pretty well until the sweet lady behind the Delta counter told me "it will be ok" and then the water works were open.

Our friends Megan and Corey meet us at the airport to help with the kids and take a couple of pictures.  Yes we have some sweet friends who would volunteer to get up that early and meet you at the airport.

We all made it through security and got settled in at Waco's gate.  His plane was delayed so again more time to be thankful for.  While waiting the kids played with some of the fun things in his bag...

Our time was up and they were beginning to board when a lady offered to take our picture.  Here is what she took...
I think this picture turned out FANTASTIC!  

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Paige said...

can't imagine what you are going through. praying for you