Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter was a bit laid back here today.  We of course started our morning with the hunt for our Easter baskets.
What do we have here?
Josiah found Makayla's basket first but he was so sweet telling her "hints" on where to find it.
Her basket was a little heavy for her to hold.

Our Easter Bunny is a little sneaky, look at what was in one of their eggs

Makayla does what every girl does when she is given an accessory
She put them on!

After our baskets we ate breakfast and opened our last "Resurrection Egg" they were very excited.  Josiah said "yep its empty! Now we have to go to church."  Makayla replied, "amen amen amen."  I'm not 100% sure where she learned that from but why not? AMEN!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my cuties all dressed up for chruch.
Happy Easter!

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Waco said...

Happy Easter. Looks like you had fun. Nice job on her dress. Both kids look great. And you, of course, are beautiful.