Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So far so good!  My garden is growing well and everything looks healthy.  I noticed a little burning on some of my strawberry plants, I think it was caused from some of the leaves having direct contact with some manure.  To fix this problem I spread more top soil all around the base of the plants and created a "safe" layer of dirt. 

So far we have been pretty "weed" and "pest" free, I am hoping to stay that way.  However I am thinking of planting some marigolds around as a natural pest control.  I'll let you know how that works.

I think everything has at least doubled in size and some have tripled!  I think we should we be harvesting our first fruits at the end of May.
Overview of the garden.
Side view of my cuccumbers, squash, and peppers.

Side view of my watermelon and strawberries.

My tomato plants and my grapes are also doing quite well.  I will get some pictures of those soon.

A friend asked for me to share how much we spent on our garden.

Border: 17x $1.01= $17.17
Top Soil: 5 x $1.33= $6.65
Manure: 3 x $2.00= $6.00
Plants: 15 x $2.48= $37.20
Metal fence: 2 x $4.00= $8.00
Grand Total: $75.02

Next year it will not costs quite as much for me to have this garden as long as we are still here.  The investment will be in the plants and some soil.  Let's see if I get a good return for my money.  If not its still fun to grow your own food and Josiah is enjoying watching the plants grow.

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Waco said...

Good job babe. I'm really proud of you. Enjoy the produce.