Saturday, March 7, 2009

Date Day

Today Josiah and I went out on a mother-son date. We had a great time! First we started out our day heading in town for an oil change. I know that doesn't sound like a good time for most. Josiah however, is totally into cars so it was really exciting for him, especially with all the tires in the front lobby. Unfortunately on the way into town, which if you remember is 12 miles on a highway at 70 mph, I hit a pheasant.

Now the only problem for me was the fact that I didn't see the poor bird shoot out the other side of the car nor did I see her lying on the ground behind me. I know some might think that I am an awful person for hitting this bird, but I have a strict rule that I DO NOT swerve for animals in the road as that is a much greater risk for my family. Well we arrived at the service station and I surveyed the damage and to my surprise it was only some feathers!

I must tell you how at the service station it came up in conversation with some locals and I am pretty much a really bad person. Apparently the "hen" had not layed her eggs yet and therefore we will be short a few birds to run out in front of cars this spring!

Sorry for the digression, now back to our outing. After we watched the "cool guy" under our car changing the oil then we headed to the bookstore. This has become a favorite spot for Josiah and I! We could spend hours there but the more time we spend there the more books Josiah has to add to his library. So we usually keep it to about a hour. Today we were looking for books on dinosaurs in particular. They really didn't have a good selection for his age. (If anyone knows of some good ones please share.) However we did look at everyone that we could find mostly for kids 8+. We moved on from there and he found this really cool "look and find" Disney book. Then he decide that he needed more Little Einstein books. So as you will be able to see that is exactly what we left with. On a sad note mommy did not get to look at any mommy books today.

On a side note...these books are great for preschoolers. They offer interactive learning, so they do not get bored!

After our bookstore adventure Josiah and I went to enjoy some yummy Mexican food. I know this may be hard for you to believe but we have 2 Mexican restaurants here in Minot. So we went to our favorite, Mi Mexico, and we had Josiah's choice, chips and cheese, for lunch. It was nice to sit and enjoy his company.

One might think that was good for one day but we then went to look for some ideas for our garden that we are going to plant this year. Josiah informed me that we must grow tomatoes and carrots. Not that he eats tomatoes but we will grow them! When we finally exhausted all of our garden prospects we went in search of a new bathing suit for him. (NO silly I am not going to put my child in a bathing suit in negative temperatures!) But he will need one for our visit to Florida in about a month! (in case you were unaware) Look at what we found.

Yes Lightning McQueen! Once he laid eyes on this one there was no convincing him otherwise. So then he needed a shirt to match according to him. That pretty much concluded our date. But, do you think we could come home and not have something for Makayla?

Of course not. So in Josiah's words here is her new "bouncer." Its actually a twist on an exer-saucer. I did some research and this is supposed to be the "best" on the market. We purchased the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Makayla seemed to really like all the bright colors. It has a really high back so I don't have to worry about her head. Only problem is she is not quite tall enough, what do you think?


Audra Lynn said...

Neely has those pj's! Too cute. And I would've hit the pheasant too. And I wouldn't have felt much remorse.

Dressed-Up Dots said...

looks like yall had fun! ;)