Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yell It, Scream It or Just Plain Let It Out!

Today I have decided to open my blog for venting to all who are interested...I want to vent a bit so read on if you like.

Today is the 3rd day of this BLASTED winter storm. It started Monday night and basically has NOT stopped. I am sick and tired of SHOVELING snow just so I can open my front door!

On Monday evening, Josiah spiked a fever after everything here was closed (which all you parents know is how it always happens!) so we had to deal with a sick boy who fussed and cried all night. So Tuesday when the blizzard was hitting, Joe had to go to work (for some unknown reason they didn't close everything until noon) and I got to take our sick boy to the dr. Thank God my friend Karie called and asked if she could watch Makayla! Turns out as NO surprise to us that he has ANOTHER ear infection. That would not have been such a big deal except that we now had to drive home in this blizzard. Yet, another bonus (since the sarcasm) was that my windshield wipers had MASSIVE chunks of ice on them so they are completely useless. So I had to drive home like an OLD lady looking through my steering wheel to see out the very bottom of my windshield only to SLID all the way home anyway.

Fast forward a head to today because yesterday was pretty much the same as Tuesday. I got up did my usual business except I had to go out and SHOVEL yet again! just so I could get out of my driveway to the gym. But by the time I got home, of course, I need to shovel again! But I refuse to go back out and SHOVEL AGAIN until we have to leave for bible study tonight.

Which on another subject...I get to drag the kids to bible study tonight solo because Joe is flying. Not that I am complaining that Joe is flying, I am complaining he doesn't land until 2 AM! So I will not see my hubby until tomorrow. On the bright side I do get to sleep in the middle of the bed!

Now for the real good news/prayer request, we are supposed to drive to Fargo next Friday to fly out for Florida Saturday morning. Problem is that Fargo is flooding! And I HAVE to get out of this place. Please pray that the weather clears up and we have good traveling weather to drive the 4+ hour drive. Well I guess pray for those in Fargo who have to deal with the flooding just to live their everyday lives.


Lauren said...

Just move back to Florida!

Audra Lynn said...

I get to sleep in the middle of the bed tonight, too. :)
That's a bummer about the snow. We had a tornado, not even close. I hope it gets better soon!

Emily said...

Ok, and I was complaining that it was only 50 degrees here today! I hope you made it out and to warmer weather safely!