Monday, March 23, 2009

Steppin' Out

I decided after much research that I would make Makayla's baby food. My friend Karie lent me her Fresh Baby book and trays which gave me a boost to get started. After reading up on her method, I dove right in.

Yesterday in about 15 minutes I made 24 servings of peas! This is soooo easy and I am really looking forward to making more.

Another bonus Makayla seemed to really love it!


Emily said...

Yummy! I decided to make homemade baby food this time around fact I took pictures to blog about it over the weekend. It is so much easier and cheaper...I'm kicking myself for not doing this two kids ago!

Audra Lynn said...

Girl, I am right with you on this. I just made Neely's new things for the week, and I have squash and apples coming out my ears! For dirt cheap!

(And I kid you not, the word verification that I have to type right now is "breedn." Funny.)

Kelli said...

I was really suprised at how fast I made a ton of babyfood too!! Looks like she was really enjoying it!