Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thank God for Thursdays...I know that the real saying is Thank God its Friday! But here we are thankful that its Thursday because on Thursday's in the Ehrenfeld house is Joy School.

Today was a super busy day for Joy School. We are learning about Trust and that is a very difficult topic to teach 3 yr olds. But I think just maybe they are getting it! We did lots today talked about the seasons, things that we can trust in nature, we made puppets, had a puppet show and then we played a new game. I don't know if you remember what its like to be 3 but a new game is exciting and scary for them. Our puppet show was to encourage them to try new things and both Lane and Josiah were very good at the beanbag toss game!

Now on to a new discovery...The other night Joe was bathing Makayla while I was washing the dishes. (by hand b/c no dishwasher, YUCK! Can't wait for our new base house!) When there was a hurry up and come up stairs call. So I came to find Josiah in his birthday suit asking to join Makayla for a bath. How can you say no to that?

We decided that it was do-able it we just added water and told him not to splash. Josiah obeyed very well. He loves to do things with his sister and bath-time is one of his favorite things to do. Here are a few pictures all PG of course!
Daddy I will do anything you say!

Some of you may know but for the others. Joe is gone on a TDY (temporary duty) to sunny San Diego, CA this weekend. He is there to do an airshow, basically answer questions about the B-52 and be a hero for the kids (the most important part!). This will be a nice break for him, he could use to get out of the office and get excited about his plane again. Between work and his masters program he has been really busy! So I hope that he enjoys himself this weekend :)

P.S. We miss you and love you Daddy! Have a great trip and enjoy yourself!


happylittleprince said...

Those are two sweet faces!

Kelli said...

Cute pics!! I can't wait until Eli is big enough to take a bath with his big brothers! All three boys in one tub will be a sight for sure!!

Lauren said...

Hey, Tara! This has nothing to do with your blog post, but I nominated you for an award! Come by my blog to get it!

Emily said...

Sibling bathtime is so much fun! Cute pictures. And how nice for your husband to get a break from the cold, snowy weather. You'll have to live vicariously through him until spring his ND I guess. lol