Thursday, March 26, 2009

God is GOOD!!!

Well after my venting session earlier, I was beginning to feel a little better just getting all that off my chest. But I have to give credit where credit is due...God really brightened my day simply by giving us some sun shine and stopping the snow. Yes, you heard me right the snow has finally stopped! For a couple of hours this afternoon I actually saw the sun and what a beautiful thing it is!

Then after complaining that I had to take the kids to bible study. I was truly blessed tonight! We are studying James and tonight we were talking about worldly wisdom v. Godly wisdom and finding peace in the midst of a feud.

We have been going through a feud with some people who we used to call friends. All this started back at Thanksgiving, long story short...We have tried to reach out to them and discuss our differences and there has never been any reciprocation on their part. So just last night Joe and I were talking and I expressed to him that I was done trying to reach out to them. We have gone around a little about this and he and I finally saw eye to eye last night. He is still friends with the husband and I think that's great.

So tonight our bible study group helped me to see that sometimes you can find peace even if the situation is not resolved the way you think it should be. Or that it doesn't have a happy ending. So tonight I am at peace, not necessarily with Minot or the weather but with Thanksgiving!


On another note.

My blogging friend Kimba is having a challenge tomorrow to unplug. So all the time that I would spend reading about all of my friends and emailing and all the other internet related things, I will be spending that time with my kiddos!

See you Saturday!


Claire said...

I'm too late to unplug today...

...but I hope it went well!


Krystyn said...

Glad you were relieved and felt better. God is good.