Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ever heard of...

Have you all ever heard of this book?

Well I discovered this week that Josiah could very well be the "pig," not literally a "pig." In this story once you agree to do something for this pig, she then turns around and asks for more.

So Josiah has gotten into a habit of asking for pancakes for breakfast. Of course, I am more than happy to make him pretty much whatever he would like for breakfast. This past week for example I made Josiah pancakes three times. However on Friday morning it wasn't just pancakes! The conversation went something like this...

Josiah: Mommy, can we have pancakes?
Mommy: Sure.
Josiah: Can we have eggs, too?
Mommy: Sure. (its early, I don't like to say much!)
Josiah: And bacon, too?
Mommy: Of course.

You see Josiah has learned very well from this book. Now I would like to thank Lauren for buying this book for him!

No in all seriousness these books are awesome and I would recommend this series to anyone with kids. They are fun and Josiah truly enjoys them!


Audra Lynn said...

Man, that's a full spread! I think I would've probably been a bad mommy and said "No!"

Krystyn said...

Can you come and make me pancakes and bacon, too, please?

Emily said...

Those books are so great. My personal favorite is If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Happy reading!