Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glad this one missed us!

As most of you know we are becoming rather tired of the LONG winter here in North Dakota. Well once again its snowing outsidethis is rather disheartening seeing as it is March 10th! Does anyone know when its going to stop?

The snow is not the only problem that we are having today. Here is what weather.com had to say:

Cloudy and Windy -8°F Feels Like -33°F

Honestly does anyone know what -33 feels like???

Actually I am writing all this to tell everyone that we FINALLY lucked out. The current blizzard is missing us. YAY! But over in Fargo they are getting it really bad. Expecting 10-12 inches of snow to then be followed my high winds and blowing snow. YUCK! We here in Minot are all grateful that this one steered clear.On a brighter note we are actually supposed to reach ZERO tomorrow! That will be a welcomed temperature.

Hopefully these will be the last snow pictures from this season.

25 days until we are back in Florida thawing out for a short vacation. Bring on the sun, Gulf of Mexico, warm air, most definitely YUMMY food and GRANDPARENTS!!!


Krystyn said...

Oh, that is a big fat yuck!

Come on Florida and go away snow!

Emily said...

Wow! You are a supermom for surviving this winter! I don't want to know what -33 feels like!